Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am so stoked right now! Like a campfire! Because I leave to go camping tomorrow. Here's what I'm thankful for today:

1. Four more nights! We are staying at a beautiful state park campground in the Keys but it's so hard to get a reservation - we had four nights locked in and I've been OBSESSIVELY checking to see if more night for any site become available - some had, but they were for a night or something. Finally today when I checked for the third time (of the day) a tent site was open for four more nights, starting the exact night we needed it! So now we have two reservations, each for four nights. The second four nights are in a site that is less than 100 feet from the ocean! Awesome!
2. Chocolate covered almonds. Hey, I write down what comes to mind. Last night we stocked up on nuts and peanut butter and stuff for the trip - and Anthony got a treat from the bulk section and man, they are delicious!
3. RD Jr recovery - what? Last night we watched Chaplin, the movie about Charlie Chaplin's life. It came out in 1992 and stars the superb Robert Downey, Jr. I have always loved him and been interested in his career, and I am so, so thankful that he was able to give up his drug habits for good, because he spent so much time in and out of jail and you could tell he was truly suffering.
4. Toothbrushes - I love clean teeth.
5. Modern dental care - continuing with the theme.
6. My sun collection - I have a couple of clay suns and one sun I made myself, maybe I'll find another one in Florida.
7. Key lime pie? I realized that I am going to be in the Keys so I must try a piece of Key Lime pie while I'm there. I've had it before, but it's not a popular dessert here in the mountains of North Carolina (no bake cookies, yes, Key Lime pie, not so much) and I expect it's awesome down there. I put the question mark because I've never had it there so I don't know if I'm thankful for it yet or not!
8. End game - my class tonight is on our "end game" and it involves picturing in our heads what our careers will be like in three years, and then going from there - writing it down, taking the steps needed to make it come true, making a vision board to really "see" our future, etc.
9. Puppy Bowl footage - have you ever seen the Puppy Bowl??? I think it's Animal Planet that has it on during half time of the Superbowl, and it's so darn cute!
10. The sun - this may have made an appearance here before. Suns are on my mind, I guess!

I'll be keeping my list up but not posting here for a little while, since my tent doesn't have a wifi connection and I don't own a laptop even if it did!

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