Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank Cake

Can you see my drawing today? There are little drawing of Bundt cakes back there. Why? Because it's the first thing on my Thankful List today;

1. My Bundt cake didn't break! This might seem like a small thing, but I regularly screw up baked goods (their looks, never their flavors!) But this is today's cake:

Mmmm. I don't even care if it tastes good, because it looks so purdy!
2. Coaching session one - I had my last session with Barbara today. Gee, do you think I've changed much? When I started for the month of October I was unbelievably sad and miserable in a job that made me cry about as often as I ate lunch. Now I'm free, starting my own business, writing, and enrolled in a life coaching course.
3. Coaching session two - I also had a group session today with some people in my course, it was fun.
4. Dinner tonight - the above Bundt cake is for the dinner Anthony and I are going to at my parent's house tonight, which I'm looking forward to.
5. No more rain soon! I think it's finally going to be sunny tomorrow...
6. Common themes - I have noticed that the more I read books that speak to me, the more they all sound the same. This is from the intro to The Alchemist, which I picked up this morning. "...we come up against the third obstacle: fear of defeats we will meet on the path. We who fight for our dream suffer far more when it doesn't work out, because we cannot fall back on the old excuse: 'Oh, well, I didn't really want it anyway.'...Then, we warriors of light must be prepared to have patience in difficult times and to know that the Universe is conspiring in our favor, even though we may not understand how." Can I get an Amen?
7. Love and acceptance - I don't even know who I was referring to here when I wrote this, but I'm thankful for it whenever I find it.
8. More Facebook friends - I connected with an old college friend last night!
9. Silly kitties - today during my group session I was on Skype and Nola jumped up on my keyboard and it made all sort of beeping sounds - everyone could tell it was from my end and I was cracking up telling them it was my cat!
10. Oprah - I love Oprah.

What are you thankful for today?

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