Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Days and Days

13 days worth of things I'm thankful for. I really, truly do not want to type these all out right now. One of the reasons I don't feel like it is because while on vacation I got super motivated to start a six week plan to get myself a website and to work on a life coaching blog and to find some people to practice coach on, and to actually start sticking to work hours, Monday thru Thursday, 10 to 4, as soon as I got home. It's 10:17 right now so I would rather do some coach related stuff!

I will give you some highlights of what I'm thankful for though:

Dog Prints - weird but true, there was a rest stop that had a series of giant doggie prints permanently preserved in the concrete, and something about it made me really happy.

No job to go back to - okay, actually I have my own business to go back to, but I'm SO thankful I'm not at my former job, because I literally cried on every other vacation I ever took because I didn't want to go back!

A nice bathroom - the campground where we stayed had a nice, private, clean bathroom! Sometimes those are hard to come by when camping, and I was very, VERY thankful for this!

70+ degrees - our first day on the beach was over 70 degrees, which was such a welcome temperature after being in the cold up north. These temps didn't last, but I was thankful for them while they were around.

A big van - we took Anthony's work van down for our trip and boy was I thankful for it the night we had to sleep in it because of raging thunderstorms! Phew!

How excited I am about coaching - I was doing some practice coaching and learning more and more from my materials and I am definitely headed in the right direction, go me!

Multiple Streams of Coaching Income - this is a book by a woman who coaches other coaches who want to move from a six figure income to a seven figure income! The book is great and really got me excited.

3-D - we went to see Coraline in 3-D after the temps dipped and we had to give up camping. The movie was creepy! But neat and the 3-D made it even better.

Dog shows on TV - I love dogs. They are so darn cute. I was thankful to see some happy, healthy pooches on the tube.

The PERFECT beach walk - after all of the ups and downs with the weather that we dealt with (including wind chills down to 39 degrees! Not what you want when you're in a tent in Florida!) our last day included a gorgeous beach walk where we collected shells and watched the sun go down, it was beautiful.

Vacation is under budget - one the downside vacation was cut short, on the upside I spent less than my vacation budget, which is always awesome.

Kitty forgiveness - the kitties didn't give us the cold shoulder for long once we got home, and I was so thrilled to snuggle with them again.

Great session last night - last night I had another coaching session with Kat, one of my coaching buddies, and she coached me than I coached her, it was fantastic.

Now it's time for me to get to work!

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