Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dogs and Walks and Tofu

Okay, this is day ten of posting things I'm thankful for. That means I have 100 things on this blog that I am grateful for in my life, but I still have a long way to go. I'll admit, sometimes it gets hard to think of new things to be thankful for; I tend to be thankful for the same things all the time, like my family (which includes my boyfriend and my cats), the area I live, my home, my life, etc. This is an interesting exercise in stretching my mind to think of other things I enjoy and would like to show thanks for.

Today's list...
1. Groceries within my budget. My grocery budget for this week was $40 and I spent $40.07 at the grocery store, and I even bought something extra that I'll be using later in the week for someone other than myself, so that was awesome!
2. Lola the Basset Hound. We went to a friend's house last night and I very much enjoyed playing with their dog. She loves to have her long, soft ears rubbed, and it was even relaxing for me.
3. Friends. It's nice to have a variety of friends in the area and different people to go to dinner with, catch up with, etc.
4. Healthy choices. Last night when we went out I was happy to find that I could get a meal that consisted of lots of yummy things I would eat at home like veggies, tofu, and brown rice. And I always feel good when I make healthy choices. I did have split that deep fried veggie roll with Anthony, but that was delicious and worth it!
5. Supportive emails. It's just so nice to get support from family, friends, my life coach, or people I don't even know about the direction I'm taking. It would be much more difficult without that help.
6. Growing up. I am changing and growing and becoming a more mature, calm, centered person, and I'm thankful for that (my boyfriend probably is, too).
7. More work for Anthony. The economy is slow but he's been able to put his skills to work the last few days and has some more work Monday, and I'm thankful for that.
8. Walks at the lake. I love the lake near my house so much, and for the last two evenings Anthony and I have gone for evening walks there. It's been kind of chilly, but to watch the sky change colors and look at the moon and stretch my legs, that makes up for the cold.
9. My cooking abilities. As I mentioned, I love to cook and I'm reasonably good at it (and pretty darn good at baking) and I enjoy making delicious food for myself and others.
10. Lots of vegetarian options. Years ago there wasn't much out there for vegetarians in restaurants or even the store. I'm so happy to have a huge variety of options at the restaurants I frequent and at the grocery store, too!

What are you thankful for?

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