Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Books and Radios

This morning brought a long overdue trip to the library into my life. I'm so grateful that I went and that it's so close to home.

What I'm thankful for today....
1. Meg Cabot books - I read some of her very light-hearted stuff a couple years ago and forgot about it - she has new stuff and I snapped up two to read.
2. Martha Beck - Martha Beck books, that is. I have read a few of hers, some are "self-help" and some are biographical. I have already started the one I brought home an enjoying it immensely.
3. Safe Ski Trips - Anthony's on a trip today and I know he got there safely and was still alive at lunch! I'm grateful that he's getting to do something he loves and that I can stay at home, warm with my butt on the couch instead of the snowy slope. Because when I go out there my butt is ALWAYS on the snow slope.
4. Free Internet access - I'm going on vacation soon but yay! The local library has free Internet.
5. Only 9 days til vacation - I know I'm not "working", but a vacation with sun and sand and even less of a sense of responsibility is a very inviting thought right now.
6. My short walk - this morning I jumped around my living room for a while to get some exercise, but then decided to brave the elements for a quick walk. It was breezy but the sun made it bearable.
7. Lively songs on the radio - when I went out and about today it was fun to hear lively tunes in the background.
8. Christy's funny story - my friend Christy told a hilarious story to me via email - it involves her being pregnant, having a cold, taking Benadryl to help her sleep, and the hallucinations that the medication caused!
9. No children yet - three of my friends are pregnant and one just had a baby and one already has a baby at home (and is pregnant) and phew, I am glad I don't have those responsibilities just yet.
10. Computer abilities - today I worked with a website called Constant Contact to make a newsletter for my upcoming workshop - I am SO thankful that I can find my way around a computer and the programs on the computer!

What are you thankful for today?

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