Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thankful for a Television Show?

I can't believe it's January 14th! Today is the last day of my free gym membership, my life coaching course starts tomorrow night, and in just over two weeks I leave for Florida! Yay! Here's what I'm thankful for today:

My Vitamix - I almost didn't end up with this contraption in my life (it's a super duper high powered blender, if you aren't familiar with it) but that's another story. This morning I used it to grind flax seeds into flax meal. Healthy, I know.
Asheville trip - The other day I didn't complete my task of putting all my fliers up, but today my sweetheart and I are heading back into town to run some errands and I'll get to finish distributing them. I'm thankful I don't have to go alone.
Asking for what I want - I'm grateful that I'm starting to learn to ask for what I want in life, from those around me, myself, etc.
Free Recipes - I love cooking and I have some great cookbooks lying around that I haven't looked at in a long time and am rediscovering. Also, there are millions of free recipes on the internet! Love it!
Right now - I'm happy that I have right now. When I first wrote that in my journal, fuzzy kitty #1 was sitting on my lap and fuzzy kitty #2 was sitting on the printer/scanner, wondering how on earth she ended up on a cold, inanimate object while her sister ended up on warm and snuggly me. It's a good life.
Labradors - Last night I saw an episode of The Dog Whisperer and there was a chocolate lab on. They are so freakin' cute, I love their big dopey faces and adorable brown eyes and cocked ears...I'm thankful they exist!
Healthy heart - I know I'm responsible for keeping my heart healthy, and I'm thankful that I've done that so far with exercise and diet, and I'm also thankful that I was born with a healthy heart.
Digital cameras - Do you know how many rolls of undeveloped film I have thrown away in my life? Me, neither, but this whole digital camera thing is so much easier.
Erik - In keeping with the theme of being thankful for friends and family - I'm thankful for my long time friend Erik. I probably only see him once a year, if that, but we keep each other informed over the phone and I'm happy he's in my life.
Ellen, the show - I liked Ellen Degeneres' show when I was in high school, I was sorry when it went off the air. I read one of her books, too, and laughed my booty off. Since she's had her daytime talk show I haven't had much time to see it because of my previous work schedule, but now that I'm home I enjoy watching it. Yesterday she had on Dr. Wayne. W. Dyer and the things he was talking about were amazing, just in line with my way of thinking right now. He married Ellen and her wife, Portia De Rossi. Also, Ellen said yesterday that she had gone vegan, which I greatly respect. I like her and her funny and light hearted show.

Gotta go!

What are you thankful for?

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