Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Direction

Today I thought I'd journal my thanks in a new direction. Just trying to spice it up.

I'm not nearly as happy as yesterday, sometimes I just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you know? In this case it could be one of my cats waking me up right after I fell asleep last night, leaving me to toss and turn for another hour while she snuggled under the covers, sleeping. Oh, and then the other cat woke me up this morning by jumping on my pillow and refusing to leave. That's why this exercise is great, it forces me to look for positives even if I just don't feel like :)

1. Rainbows - I saw a beautiful rainbow at the lake near my house where I often run or walk. Those always cheer me up.
2. My savings - I was lucky enough to quit my job to try a new career because I have some savings at the moment. I'm so thankful I have this opportunity.
3. My mom and step dad. Who isn't thankful for their family? I'm blessed to have open, supportive parents who live nearby. They also pointed out the rainbow this morning at the lake and are responsible for my great savings skills :)
4. Washing Machines - I am so glad I don't have to do my own laundry. I mean, other than throwing it in the washer. Technology can be wonderful.
5. Email - remember when you couldn't email? I can't imagine life without it now. When I went to college my mom used to call me twice a week, Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. After we got email we communicated every day. Which wasn't always fun, since if I didn't email her one night she'd wonder what I was up to....
6. Laughter - I feel a little short on it now, but last night I was reading a funny blog and it made me feel light-hearted and giddy.
7. 360 degree mountain views - the hike yesterday was beautiful. At the top there was a tower which I climbed most of the way up (it was windy and I got a little freaked out at the very top. This tower and a partial view are on this blog. (Side note, I've seen this guy and his beautiful dogs around town!) We forgot our camera so I don't have the absolutely beautiful view from the top I'd hoped for!
8. Polymer clay - I was looking up at the wall at this:

It's a project I made out of polymer clay late last year and I'm thankful the medium exists.
9. Rocking chairs - I live in NC, which I consider the Rocking Chair Capital of the United States. Even the airports have rocking chairs! So does my front porch, which is great.
10. Mistakes - Yes, I'm thankful for mistakes. I've made some big mistakes in my life, but ultimately, they're not really mistakes at all, if you take the right point of view. Which I don't always, but I'm learning.

What are you thankful for???

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  1. 1. the internet-- its great to be able to follow what friends are up to even though we are many miles away and haven't see each other in years
    2. apricot pizza from zaw-- don't knock it 'til you try it... its local, organic, sweet and fabulous!
    3. a relaxing and restorative yoga class this afternoon as the snow started to fall
    4. painting-- its always good to tap into that creative energy
    5. two days off work, love the weekends!
    6. a job that may be quite stressful but allows me to help others through challenging times
    7. my Christmas tree, I'm just not ready to take it down


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