Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sunsets and Bread

Jumping right in...

Tucked In - Last night after I laid down Anthony came to tuck me in. We ended up talking for a while and I felt really good after we finished talking, even though I didn't even know I had much to say. I'm thankful for the time we had.
Snuggly Bathrobe - As I wrote this list I sat in my giant (at least three times too big) bathrobe with one cat on my lap and one next to me. It's sort of like having a giant stuffed Mom wrapped around me, it's very nice.
Exercise with Nola - I was trying to do crunches t
his morning and Nola would not stay off me. I gave up and let her be part of the exercise routine, and I'm thankful I did, because it was fun and funny.
Change in perspective - This morning I was a litt
le stressed and being too hard on myself again - until I thought about how I would treat a coaching client who was feeling the way I did. It was much easier to tell myself what I would tell someone else, and I was able to be much kinder and gentler to me.
My increasing confidence - I am becoming more and more confident that I can and will give helpful information at my workshop and that I will be a great coach.
Relaxation about money - of all the stresses I'v
e felt lately, this is not one of them, which I am thankful for.
Homemade bread - It didn't turn out like I wanted and took all day, but it still tasted good and next time it will be even better.
Privacy - I thought of this one when The View was on and some celebrities on some popular show I don't watch were talking about their lives - I'm so thankful I can just come and go and that I've always been lucky to have my own bedroom and to have the space I need.
Email buddies - I have four friends from high sc
hool that I still keep in touch with through email, one of them just had a baby, one is due next month, another is due in April. It's fun to keep in touch and see what everybody is doing.
Last night's sunset - this is what I saw off my front porch last night (I took the picture between the condos and the trailer park so as not to spoil the view!)

What are you thankful for?

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