Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trees and Dreams

This morning I woke up and walked into the living room and was struck with the desire to draw. I haven't felt like drawing in a quite awhile, and it's a cloudy Sunday morning, so it seemed like a good idea. I love trees. I have mentioned it here and on my other blog and since my mom knows this, she bought me a book all about trees when I quit my job. Today I pulled it out for inspiration and drew awhile, had some delicious oatmeal with apples and raisins and cinnamon and walnuts and then drew some more. I decided I was done for the time being, but then continued my tree drawing in the Thankful Journal. Today's list...

My quiet morning. As I mentioned, I spent it drawing and eating oatmeal and relaxing. I am thankful for the quiet time.
The tree book. I love the tree book, because it has many pictures of one of my favorite things.
The Laurel of Asheville. It's a local magazine about art and Mom and I both get one every month, I enjoy leafing through it, getting inspired.
Pencil Sharpeners. Back to the modern convenience theme - it's so great I can sharpen my pencils easily!
An evening with my family. Last night I sat on the couch with my boy and my kitties and watched a movie. It's so nice to have everyone on one piece of furniture.
My delicious breakfast. I think that's self-explanatory.
Stretching. This morning I stretched because I think I slept on some part of me wrong. The stretching felt very nice...
Many dreams. I had lots of dreams last night. I'm thankful I can remember them.
Help finding balance. I hope to find balance and I feel like help is out there, all around me.
Class starts soon! I get to start my life-coaching courses this Thursday! I think I've sort of forgotten I even quit my job to do that in the first place, since I've been so wrapped up in everything else. Can't wait for this hopefully life-changing practice to start.

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