Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Saturday

I feel great this morning! Yesterday was a little bit tough for me in some ways, but I feel so proud of what I accomplished anyways.

This morning I woke up feeling great and was ready to go with making the list of things I am grateful for. In fact, I could have named way more than 10!

SUNNY DAYS - I was so happy to wake up to a beautiful day this morning! It's been cloudy lately and seeing the sunshine after a few days of clouds always lifts my spirits.
A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP - Phew, don't you love it when you get a full night's sleep and sleep well and wake up totally rested? I mean, my night was filled with really weird dreams like the one where I turned into a man and wanted to marry a Vietnamese woman who needed to learn a foot-washing ceremony from her grandfather before we could be together, but still, it was a good night.
BIG DREAMS - My life coach wanted me to write my intentions for 2009 and then she wanted me to go back and set real goals with dates, so this morning I did that and I have some big dreams! I am really, really excited about them, though, and like they say, if you aim for the stars, at least you end up with the moon. Something like that, anyways.
MY LIFE COACH - I am so thankful for my life coach. Yesterday when I was grumpy I realized I could email her and put down my feelings of stress and burden. My life has improved ALOT in the few months we've been working together. I realize I'm the one doing the work on myself, but having that person to talk to really helps.
HIKING TRAILS NEARBY - When it's sunny and warm(ish) I am always up for a hike, I hope to go on one this afternoon. I live within 30 to 45 minutes of the Pisgah National Forest and Great Smoky Mountain National Park, so it's nice to have many hiking options in the area.
OATMEAL - I'll probably list lots of foods on here that I'm thankful for, but today "oatmeal" popped into my mind. I eat it for breakfast pretty much every day and it's so delicious and healthy and I'm so glad it exists.
BOOKS - I'm juggling a number of books at the moment (oops, just dropped one!) and I've always been a big reader. Fiction, Non-Fiction, my recent favorite genre, Self Help, thank goodness for books!
LIBRARIES - And a place to get them for free!
FUZZY SOCKS - It may be warmer than yesterday, but it's still chilly out and definitely chilly in my drafty house. I love fuzzy socks and socks with lots of colors. Somehow they make my feet warmer :)
HAPPY GRANDMA - I saw my grandmother for the first time in four years over the holidays (she lives 14 hours away) and it was a great visit. Since the visit she's sent very happy sounding letters to me and my mom (who also lives down here, far away) and I'm so thrilled that the visit had such a great impact on her life.

Come on, tell me what you're thankful for!

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  1. Great post! I think we are should be a little more grateful everyday

    Kelly Turner


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