Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Vision

My drawing did not come out today! It's light in my journal, too, but for some reason the scanner didn't pick up the colors. It better be careful or I'll take it off my thankful list! Okay, today's list:

1. Birds - I don't know where this came from, I just thought of it this morning. I have never been a big bird person (that sounded funny, didn't it? As though some people were born looking like Big Bird?), but they sure are beautiful and their colorful feathers are a welcome burst of wonderful during these long, dull winters.
2. Remote Controls - Remember when you had to get up off your lazy butt and actually change the channel your self??? I know, I know, even I only had to do that a few years into childhood, but I do remember that. Today I was thankful for my remote control because I could change the channel from my position on the floor, where I was working on a flier for my workshop.
3. Blogs - My blogs, other blogs, the fact that we can all put our thoughts out there on the World Wide Web. It's pretty cool.
4. Shoes - Just now when I reread my handwriting I thought I had written "sheep". I'm probably thankful for them, too, but for now I'll stick to talking about shoes. I am so thankful to have warm footwear. I don't even have a ton of pairs - something to hike in, something to run in, something to wear when it's warm out. We're lucky to have that luxury.
5. Handmade Afghans - I've been lucky to receive a number of this homemade knit blankets in my life, and there is one on the couch that keeps me (and the cats) warm on a regular basis.
6. My eyesight/vision - I was just going to write "my vision", but that sounded weird, and then I was just going to write "my eyesight", but that could be interpreted that I'm thankful I have really terrible eye sight and have had to wear glasses or contacts since I was 3, which isn't what I meant, either. I should have written "my sight". I'm glad I can see! Colors and nature are so important to me, I am so thankful I can open my eyes and see everything, everyday.
7. Mountains - Following the nature theme of previous posts...I love the mountains. All of them - the ones I lived near in Montana, the beautiful ones in Vermont, the relatively new ones of Hawaii, and the ones I see now in North Carolina. And all the others I'll encounter in my future.
8. Oprah - Is it weird to be thankful for a TV show host? She's just so great and inspiring to others, including me, and that inspiration goes way past the TV into her magazine, her website, he school in South Africa, and more.
9. Eat,Pray,Love - I absolutely loved this book and was reminded of it again by another blogger who just finished reading it - it was so touching and wonderful, I'm so thankful it came into my life and that it exists.
10. Sweet Potatoes - Back to food, again. I had sweet potatoes for lunch....mmmm

That's it for today, folks! What are YOU thankful for?

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  1. just because I love Eat Pray Love too and have watched this at least a few times...


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