Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Black and White Edition

Hi Hi.

1 A MAN WHO CLEANS - I am so very lucky to live with and share my life with a man who cleans. Okay, he's not always on top of getting the laundry folded or doing the dishes after dinner, but he definitely does his share of the housework - in fact, right now he's mopping the floors while I blog! Lucky me!
2. SLEEPOVERS! - I am so excited that my friend Amy is coming over tomorrow and is sleeping over! We haven't seen each other in more than a month and since then I've been up North for the holidays, she's been on a cruise, and lots of other things have happened that will need to be discussed.
3. BAKING & COOKING FOR PEOPLE I LOVE - I get to make her dinner and dessert and breakfast the next day. Yes, this makes me happy.
4. TODAY'S CRY FEST - I go through periods were I don't cry much and periods when I cry frequently - I think this is the third time I've cried in less than a week, but all were quick bursts and immediately made me feel better, they didn't drag on for all eternity.
5. THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE BRIDGE - We were seriously worried our van wouldn't fit under the six foot eight inch bridge to the camping area we're going to in two weeks - thank goodness I called today and the left side of the bridge is six inches taller - we just have to drive on the wrong side of the road for a minute or two. Yay!
6. TONIGHT IS CLASS ONE!! - I finally get to start my life coaching course and it couldn't come at a better moment.
7. LUMPOLET - Word game played through email by Amy and I. Lots of fun and turns out each of us thought the other one was better at it.
8. EXCITED AGAIN! - When I wrote that I was thankful for being excited again it was because I felt excited about my weekend and I have been feeling not so excited lately, so I'm glad the feelings still exist.
9. FRIENDS WITH FREE TVS - Our TV gave out. It is ten years old, after all, but our friend has one to give us - he got a new huge flat screen and this is a old huge regular tube kind, but free.
10. IT'S NOT 30 BELOW! - It sure is cold here in the mountains of Western NC, but I am thankful it's not even colder, like in Minnesota!

Have a great day!

What are you thankful for?

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