Friday, January 2, 2009

A Slightly Less Colorful Edition

Okay, so far I've kept my resolution to think of ten things I'm thankful for two days straight. Not too shabby, eh?

On today's list:
  1. 2 free weeks at the gym. I love this! Every year the local rec center gives everyone a chance to use the equipment, swim in the pool (so chlorinated you smell like a YMCA for days, so I stay out of it), and feel insecure about your butt in front of dozens of other people from your town. But hey, it's free.
  2. A low mortgage payment. This day and age that's something to be grateful for! The house isn't grand, but that means the payments aren't, either.
  3. My willingness to try new things. If you haven't read my other blog, you may not know that I recently quit my job (the one that paid well, had great health insurance, 401(k) matching, and a state pension plan - but caused me to cry every day) to become a full time writer, artist, and life coach. I am so thrilled that I took the steps I did.
  4. My curly hair. Shallow, but true, I finally really like my hair. I step out of the shower, brush it, and BOOM! My longish locks curl up at the bottoms in big banana curls. I think it's the water in North Carolina, because my hair never used to act that way...
  5. Upcoming Florida trip. The boyfriend and I are heading down to the Keys to swim and camp in early February, escaping the cold, grey, vitamin-D deficient existence we're living here in the mountains for a week or two.
  6. My bravery. Okay, I think this might be cheating, since it's so similar to number 3, but I wrote it in ink, so I had to keep it. I could be willing to try new things but not brave enough to execute them, so I think it counts. Today I have to get my bravery up to sign up for a space rental to hold a workshop called, "Living Joyfully On A Budget". I'm nervous. But brave.
  7. My writing abilities. I never knew I could write, not well, anyways. I assumed everyone could write well, but this summer I submitted an article and lo and behold, it was published! Since then I've tried to get a book published, too, but the economy is rough...someday, though!
  8. My boyfriend, Anthony. As my distant family all said after meeting him over the holidays, "He seems like a nice guy." He is a nice guy!
  9. My cats, Nola and Coconut. I think I could have listed these separately, and honestly I'm thankful for them every single day, but I'll group them together and just list them once. They are cute and cuddly and have their own wonderful personalities. If they could start pulling in an income they'd be perfect.
  10. The beautiful area/town where I currently reside. I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where I settled four years ago. I was raised in New England and sometimes miss it, but this place is gorgeous and feels like him. I'm so happy to be here.
Come on, what are you thankful for today?

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  1. i love numbers 3 and 6!
    I'm grateful for my husband's endless love, patience and support...especially right about now.


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