Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So Far, So Good

1. Evenings to myself - Last night I got to spend a few hours at home, alone. Sometimes it's so nice to have time to yourself. I did spend about 37% of that time catering to my cats and 11% of that time watching bad reality TV, but the other 52%, that was all Jen Time.
2. Refrigerators - Continuing the trend of being thankful for things we all take for granted - aren't you glad you have a place to keep your eggs and vegetables and leftovers cold? And that you don't have to schlep down to some icy river half a mile away from your cabin to get a cold beverage? Me too.
3. Scanners - It's neat being able to draw a picture in my journal and then, moments later, have it on my computer screen. Although today the poor scanner was subjected to sparkles since I outlined my list today with a sparkle pen that apparently takes longer too dry than it takes the laundry in my house to get folded.
4. My friend Amy - I used to work with Amy at the Job of Doom and haven't seen her in a month! I went away for the holidays, she's gone on a family trip for another five or six days, and we live an hour apart from one another. Luckily she's scheduled to come over in about a week and a half. She supported me through me suffering at the job, she edited my (unpublished) book Office Supply Art: How To Not Die of Boredom And Lack of Creativity At Your Lame 9 to 5 and she's awesome.
5. Free places to stay - We're headed down to Florida at the end of the month and someone Anthony knows from New York has a condo we can stay in for a couple of nights on the way down. It will be a great way to break up the trip and it's conveniently located and best of all, free!
6. Low gas prices - I know the prices are low because of that negative inflation or whatever stuff, but it made our trip up north much cheaper and hopefully our Florida trip will be reasonable, too. Plus I'm unemployed! Every little bit helps!
7. New President - I'm not going to get all political here, I'm just thrilled to have a change of hands coming up in less than two weeks that will hopefully improve the way things are going here in the U.S.
8. Trees - I can't believe I haven't mentioned trees yet! I love them. I love drawing them, looking at them, watching them change with the seasons. They are perfect, in my opinion. They never worry that they are too tall or too fat, they stand strong, they reach to the heavens.
9. Oceans - I grew up by the ocean and now live in the mountains, but it's always nice to see the coast again, especially when it's warm and the water is clear and I can snorkel!
10. My travels so far - I have been so lucky to see what I have so far. I've visited at least 30 states, including Hawaii twice, I've been to Canada a couple of times, went to New Zealand a couple years ago, and have plans for this year to go to Florida, California, and New York. Next year we're planning for another international trip, too. Travel broadens my horizons and helps me overcome my fears of being in a familiar place all the time.

Have a great day and think of ten things you're thankful for!

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